Object Relational Database Management System and Object Oriented Database Management System

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Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS)
  • ORDBMS provides support for complex data types. Powerful query languages support through SQL. ORDBMS also provides good protection of data against programming errors.
  • One of the major assets here is SQL. Although, SQL is not as powerful as a programming language, but it is none the less essentially a fourth generation language, thus, it provides excellent protection of data from the programming errors.
  • The relational model has a very rich foundation for query optimization, which helps in reducing the time taken to execute a query.
  • These databases make the querying as simple as in relational even, for complex data types and multimedia data.
  • Although the strength of these DBMS is SQL, it is also one of the major weaknesses from the performances point of view in memory applications.
Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS)
  • OODBMS provides good support for complex data types. It high integration of database with the programming language. It has very good performance but not as powerful as relational.
  • It is based on object oriented programming languages, thus, are very strong in programming, however, any error of a data type made by a programmer may effect many users.
  • These databases are still evolving in this direction. They have reasonable systems in places.
  • The querying is possible but somewhat difficult to get.
  • Some applications that are primarily run in the RAM and require a large number of database accesses with high performance may find such DBMS more suitable. This is because of rich programming interface provided by such DBMS. However, such applications may not support very strong query capabilities. A typical example of one such application is databases required for CAD.

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