HTML Tags: Important SEO HTML tags

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SEO contains some of the very important HTML tags, which are used while performing On Page SEO. These tags are very simple to use, but they are really very effective from SEO point of view. SEO HTML tags are really helpful in making a website search engine friendly and helps in easily getting high search engine rankings with less Off Page SEO efforts. Some of the important HTML tags for SEO are given below:

Title Tag: <'title'>keyword x 2<'/title'>

Heading Tags:
H1 Tag: <'h1'>Most Important<'/h1'>

H2 Tag: <'h2'>Second Most Important<'/h2'>

H3 Tag: <'h3'>Third Most Important<'/h3'>

Strong Tag: <'strong'>Keyword<'/strong'>

Image Tag: <'img src="" alt="keyword"' />

Hyperlink Tag: <'a href="" title="keyword"'>Keyword<'/a'>

*Note: Remove quotes while writing tags

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