How to promote a blog in search engines?

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blog promotionBlogging is not limited to share your personal ideas and thoughts on internet. Even it has become a part of business now. Blogging is one of the very effective way for business promotion. Now a days blogs are being used to promote businesses online. On blogs you can describe about your products, services or any other business information. Blogs are also very easy to promote over internet. One of the important aspects of blog promotion is to use original content. If you are writing all of your blog posts with original content, then blog promotion will be much easy for you. An informative and original content is easily cached and ranked by Google and other search engines. You can also promote your blog using one of the very effective search engine optimization techniques.

Below are the top 10 blog promotion tips:-

  • Submit blog in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others
  • Perform link exchange with other blogs. For link exchange consider only some quality blogs, not any adult content or porn blogs
  • Submit blog in top blog directories.
  • Submit blog in general web directories.
  • Submit the blog in blog pinging sites.
  • Submit blog in RSS directories
  • Do commenting on dofollow and quality blogs
  • Create more blogs on relevant themes and link to your main blog
  • Do social bookmarking of blog at social bookmarking sites
  • You can also submit articles in article directories by giving back links to your blog
Fresh and original content is very important for blogs. So, always write something useful for your blog. You can daily post one blog post in your blog.

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