Free Social Networking Scripts

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free social networking scriptSocial networks have become very popular in all over the world and similarly the demand for good social networks have also been increased. For the same developers have developed some very good and user friendly social network softwares. But the cost of developing these social networks go very high. The solution of this problem is the free social networking script. Now a days there are number of free social networking scripts are available on internet which are open source based scripts. These scripts can be easily downloaded and integrated with any application.

If you want to start a Social Network, but can't afford the cost of a Social Networking Script and looking for a free and low cost Social Networking Script, then I can suggest you a best list of Free Social Networking Scripts. The scripts are open source based scripts, you can easily download them and integrate in your own design/templates.

Below is the list of Free Social Networking Scripts:-

  1. Dolphin Free Social Networking Script

  2. Free Social Networking and Match Making Script

  3. Free Social Networking Script from Google

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