What is an SEO friendly Website?

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The term SEO friendly relates to search engine friendly. A website is called SEO/search engine friendly, if it is easily crawled and ranked by search engines. Search Engines give special preference to SEO friendly websites and these websites get good Search Engine Ranking Placements(SERP) on most competitive keywords with less efforts. A website becomes SEO friendly if it is properly optimized with SEO standards.

The most important SEO standards for making a website search engine friendly is to set a very informative Title of page based on the most targeted keyword(s) of the page. Title is the very basic but most important point for the on page optimization. One H1 tag will be used on one page and this h1 tag will be based on the most targeted/important keyword of that page.

Sitemap is very important for a website. There are basically two types of sitemaps that are required. One is HTML sitemap and other is XML sitemap. XML sitemap is very important and every website must have an XML sitemap. XML sitemap is one, from where search engines can easily crawl all the pages of a website.

Every image must have an alt tag associated with it and for every link, a specific title for the link should be given. Some search engines also check meta descriptions and keywords, so give appropriate meta description and keywords for every page.

More important, never use any hidden text or don’t try any black hat SEO techniques. All these will have some bad effects on website and Google never give preference to such sites. So, always apply some standard SEO techniques to make your website SEO friendly. If your website is search engine friendly then search engines will automatically give preference to your website.

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