Object Oriented Database

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An object oriented database is used for complex databases. Such database applications require complex interrelationships among object hierarchies to be represented in database systems. These interrelationships are difficult to be implement in relational systems.

Object oriented models represent complex systems very naturally through an inheritance hierarchy. Thus it is a very natural choice for such complex objects.

Consider a situation where you want to design a class, (let us say a Date class), the advantage of object oriented database management for such situations would be that they allow representation of not only the structure but also the operation on newer user defined database type such as finding the difference of two dates. Thus, object oriented database technologies are ideal for implementing such systems that support complex inherited objects, user defined data types (that require operations in addition to standard operation including the operations that support polymorphism).

Another major reason for the need of object oriented database system would be the seamless integration of this database technology with object-oriented applications. Software design is now, mostly based on object oriented technologies. Thus, object oriented database may provide a seamless interface for combining the two the technologies.

The object oriented databases are also required to manage complex, highly interrelated information. They provide solution in the most natural and easy way that is closer to our understanding of the system. Michael Brodie related the object oriented system to human conceptualization of a problem domain which enhances communication among the system designers, domain experts and the system end users.

The he concept of object oriented database was introduced in the late 1970s, however, it became significant only in the early 1980s. The initial commercial product offerings appeared in the late 1980s. Today, many object oriented databases products are available like Objectivity/DB (developed by Objectivity, Inc.), ONTOS DB (developed by ONTOS, Inc.), VERSANT (developed by Versant Object Technology Corp.) and ObjectStore (developed by Object Design, Inc.), GemStone (developed by Servio Corp.) and ObjectStore PSE Pro (developed by Object Design, Inc.) An object oriented database is presently being used for various applications in areas such as e-commerce, engineering product data management; and special purpose database in areas such as, securities and medicine.

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