Java Programming Language

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Java is called a pure object oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1991. Java is partially based on C and C++ with more advanced features of object oriented model. Java programs are compiled and interpreted using JVM called Java Virtual Machine. One of the main features of Java is that, it is portable. Java is known as a very simple, portable, reliable and powerful programming language.

Java Features
The main purpose of development of Java Programming language was to develop a language that could provide a solution to the problems of modern programming. The purpose was to create a compact, simple and interactive language. Some of the main features of Java Programming Language are:
· Platform-Independent and Portable
· Robust and Secure
· Compiled and Interpreted
· Distributed
· Familiar, Simple and Small
· Multithreaded and Interactive
· High Performance
· Dynamic and Extensible

Java Development Kit
Java Development Kit contains a number of tools for the development and running of java programs. Tools in Java Development Kit includes:
· appletviewer: appletviewer is used to view the Java applets.
· javac: javac is used to compile a java program.
· java: java is used to interpret a java program.
· javap: javap is Java dissembler
· javah: javah is for creating HTML documents
· jdb: jdb is Java debugger

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