Web Development: Solution for Website Development

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website developmentWeb Development is the development of websites that will run through world wide web on a web server. Through Web Development you can either create dynamic websites or static websites. A dynamic website is one which needs the support of a database management system(DBMS) and extract data from the DBMS and shows it on the front end for user view. A static website doesn't need any DBMS software.

Every website whether dynamic or static has a particular name which is called the domain name or url of website. Domain name is the identity of any website like name/designation is the identity of any person. All the pages of a website needs to be uploaded on a web server, only after that a website or its pages can be accessed over internet or intranet.

Web Development is the combination of Web Design, Content management, and Web server configuration management and database management(for dynamic website). All these make a complete website.

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Anonymous @ February 21, 2009 at 10:45 PM

Web design is important feature. User stays a longer bit in a website if it looks apealling to the customer or visitor. But I satable web server is also important to satify your client.

In my opinion we have to cosider different features before choose a hosting company. Web Hosting Servicesshould include backup plan,customer service, downtime and response time.